#♡ random facts

where I’m from: world
where I would like to live: japan korea europe idk
favourite food: desserts and chicken
religion: christian 
sexual orientation: straight 
relationship status: single
favourite book: john green's the fault in our stars
favourite movie: harry potter 1-7
favourite TV show: don’t really watch tv but walking dead is good
random fact about me: major crush with korean idols but i jsyk have a REAL LIFE crush 
favorite day of the year: christmas
favourite colour: pink, blue
if I have any pets; if so, their names: woohyun because he is an animal lol jokes
what I’m listening to right now: infinite's albums 
what’s my ringtone: infinite's be mine
favourite male character from a TV show: dont watch tv!! 
favourite female character from a TV show: see above 
what my name means: a girl/princess, and a gift from God 
celebrity crush: choi junhong, kim sunggyu

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