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another sweet story~

cheesy title i know. but this might be the strongest-yet-made-my-knees-weak moment ever.
as usual, i went to choir practice. i waited for the others to come because i'll always be the first to arrive lol.
i played with my ipod to kill time, then my friend arrived. finally! a friend to talk to.

we talked until few more members came, now there's 8 members. quite a lot, so it started to be a bit noisy. and you know... i waited for...him to come. he's coming late these days!! i hate the choices when he's not coming; care or not to care. of course... when he didn't came i half-heartedly chose the second option.
half an hour later, there's already 14 members, yay! we can start the practice now. but still, he's not arrived yet. u_u
he arrived at 5.30 x_x sigh, and we were on the middle of our warming-up session. poor him, he had to do the warm-ups alone...

we sang and practiced our vocals as usual. and we didn't expect that we went home 30 minutes earlier before seven. ((a tidbit of our lives *wtf* : we always got picked up by our family at 19.15 or so)) i'm surprised and when i saw him, he had the same reaction. he didn't know we will went home at this time. so he called his father, so do i.
six people already went home because they rode a motorbike. =_= so there's 4 people left: me, him, and two friends of mine.

unexpectedly....... my friends went home few minutes later.
i left....
with him...

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