#lovely day ♡

a story from few days ago.

i went to a ceremony which other regions came, you sure can imagine how crowded that venue, right? me and my choir team was asked to sing few songs for them, and to welcome those governors. we're feeling proud and of course nervous at the same time. we sang... uh, 6 songs that time.
the girls wore a traditional dayak dress, which is kind of pretty; i liked the yellow borders. *-*
the boys was quite cool, they wore a black shirt and pants and a red tie, with a brown/black shoes.
but i think i won't tell you about our performance... did you read the title? lovely day? x)
yes... about me and my crush. and yes, it happened on the same day!

so... he's really good looking that day, i almost drooled. he's very different when he wore those cool outfits compared when he wore our school's uniform. uhh, if i didnt control myself *that* hard, i could have hugged him from the back x_x

we waited for a long time, then our time to perform finally arrived. sigh! can you imagine being watched my hundreds of people?? i really wanted to run away right after i found out that there's a tv station and two fukin large LCD screens so our faces will show up on those screens omFG darn it
((done singing))
we went back to our seats followed by the audience's claps. thank you, thank you!

now... what to do?

ah, those boxes of snacks are coming! but i have a chocolate donut, a candy and a fresh cold water. what should i do with these? i'm not on the mood to eat a chocolate donut todayㅡ

"hey, do you have a bread or donut or everything else?"

while i was deep in my thoughts, a familiar voice called me.
and i realized he--my crush--was looking at me. i immediately realized that he's the one that called me. was that a coincidence? i didn't want my donut and he asked for a donut.
"yes....??" i answered with a shaky voice--which i tried to cover. then i handed him that donut and my candy. "which one?" i offered. he looked confused lol omg he's so cute ><
"i want the chocolate donut~~!" he said excitedly. GOD, i want to squish his face so bad. he's totally adorable...

then he took the donut from my hand, and i put the candy back to my bag. when he was eating, a girl member of our choir asked, "hey, where did you get that? from that snack box?" and then he shook his head. then he said, "no, it's from her." and he looked back and pointed his finger to me. everyone then looked at us (me and him) with an 'omg-there's-something-happening-between-you-two' look.
i took that as a thank you from him lol. and after that, he asked for the candy and well... i gave it to him. i wanted the candy though... but for him, i lost it. *blush*

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